PETE's Personal Page




Welcome to my personal home page.

This page is devoted to what I like and my pursuit of it. I hope you share my interests. I've put some things here that you may find entertaining, useful, or provocative. If you don't like what you see, click here.


In order to do what I love to do, I have to work. I believe that work is good for you, and that's the best reason to do it. Work creates personal value, and gives meaning to every day.

I'm a fairly technical marketing type (good at finding the value of technology and making it happen) for the telecommumications hardware and software industry. I've had significant experience in systems integration, network hosting, and computer systems. I've worked-on/specified projects valued at over $100 million, have built corporate LANs and WANs servicing over 6000 locations (including the network in my home) and have taken advanced IP education at Harvard Extension School.

I now work at NeuStar, a telecommunicaitons services company specializing in registries and clearinghouse for traditional and IP networks, on their Mobile Services product team.  



This is a new (2002 or 2003) Grumman Tiger. Yes, you can fly this puppy with the cockpit open like a convertable. These aircraft are out of production, but may be coming back soon.

Please see my aviation page for more information on the Grumman Tiger which I fly, and for other good aviation links.


In addition to flying, I enjoy brewing beer. You can learn quite a bit about homebrewing from The Boston Wort Processors. I've put a bit about event planning here.

The American News Media has been a fascination for years, before the time I worked on my high school newspaper, or studied media strategies in graduate school. After years of commenting on the quality, I've turned to documenting it on my media mania page.

Baseball is one of the loves of my life. It is so classically American. It is us, and we are it. More on the game and my thoughts here.

Finally, I couldn't have a web page without a political statement. If you know me, you understand. I've put some of the political content which inflames my sensabilities here.

That's my page for now.